Part Number: KM-020322-XXXX        Drawing:

  • Connector 1: MMCX Male Right Angle Plug Connector, thick gold plated, more than 72 Hours Salt Spray Test
  • Cable: 1.32mm double shield coaxial cable, cable length customize accordingly
  • Connector 2: I-PEX MHF Plug (P/N: 20278-112R-32)

mpedance, 50 ohm

RoHS compliant

Meet IEC60169-12, GB/T 15888

High quality materials, all materials meet or superior to relevant standards

Strict quality control, 100% test before shipment

Stable and reliable performance, quality is guaranteed

MMCX Male RA Plug to IPEX MHF U.FL use 1.32mm coaixal cable, all materials are in stock, we can ship the goods in a very short time, feel free to contact our sales team at, we will reply to you within 12 hours.

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